Iranian Beluga The World's Most Elite Caviar - Pride of Iran

Beluga caviar has forever been synonymous with epicurean luxury, always sought after by chefs and connoisseurs. First class flights and the best hotels and restaurants in the world serves caviar as the food of royalty.

We are honored to declare that being not only an active member of the world market for caviar, but also our age old history of genuine original quality, having cooperation from Top Class Caviar Masters, availability of modern processing and packaging plants, besides having a collection of modern processing, packaging, storing and transporting facilities, all of which have passed the strict sanitary codes of the Iran Veterinary Organization, from our country we are proud to supply the best most luxurious sought after Caspian Beluga Caviar locally and to international markets. When the prized 'Beluga' comes to mind, the only origin and trusted source can only be from Iran.