Pistachio is known as the queen of nuts. We are proud of our pistachios, since they come directly from our gardens in the southeast of Iran and they are well known in international market. Iranian pistachios have different names according to their shapes and sizes. We produce and export all kinds of pistachios.

Red Pistachio Kernel

This kind of  pistachio kernel usually has red and  cream color and are prepared from closed mouth pistachio usually.

Roasted and Unsalted Pistachio

This type is quite suitable for individuals who are on a salt free diet.

Green Pistachio Kernel

This type is used to add flavor and green coloring to ice cream, cookies and other cuisine.

Roasted and Salted Pistachio

These boast a very favorable taste.


Almond has been one of the most popular nuts throughout history. Explorer used to consume almonds while traveling the "Silk Road‟ between Asia and the Europe. There are three Almond plants, each of which producing sweet Almonds, bitter and Mamra Almond respectively.


We are genuinely proud to bring  to you such a versatile little wonder food  that can be used in so many different ways  especially in cooking, baking, or even as a  healthy snack.


Our range of flavored almonds  consists of simply Salty roasted and Honey  roasted. They are simply delicious, used  mainly for snacking, but also can be used in  cooking.

Roasted Almond

Natural Whole Roasted  almonds are significantly delicious, which  can be used in exactly the same way as a natural almond. Being a healthy snack throughout the day, include them in your  breakfast cereal, lunches, cooking, baking  and desserts.

Almond in shell

We also offer almond in shell. Almonds in this shape will last longer.


The Persian walnut is a species of walnut that is native from the Balkans and central Asia. Forest of walnut spread all around Iran, but one of the largest forests is located in Damavand & Tuyserkan (Hamadan Province). Walnuts may be consumed fresh, roasted, or salted. They are used in confectioneries, pastries, and for flavoring. Our walnut kernel is divided into three grades, with attention to its sizes, colors and equal halves.

Category 1

Mixed - 90% light colored  1/2 nuts: halves + 5% 1/4 nuts:  quarters + 5% 1/8 nuts: broken

Category 2

Light color nut quarters / quarters

Category 3

Light color nut eighths +  smaller parts / broken

Walnuts in shell

We supply whole walnuts in their shells in a size range 25 - 35 mm