Caviar fish or Sturgeon are among rare species dating back to Jurassic age, about several hundreds of years ago. Hence, these species are considered living fossils having been developed through a phylogenetic process. Of all the most original homelands of this fish, one could mention the Caspian Sea, while they could be found sporadically in some areas in Europe and America. It is the egg of Sturgeon which makes it an invaluable high-price food.
This fish is categorized and subcategorized into 27 groups of which 5 species reside in the Caspian Sea. The sea encompasses 93 percent of Caviar fish in the world. Unauthorized and excessive haunt, as well as water pollution, has let inhibitory regulations asserted by CITES.


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PersianGesture Farmed Caviar

Caviar is categorized according to girth, hardness, color, taste, and odor.

Farmed Beluga Caviar (From Huso Huso Sturgeon):

-Huso Huso is the king of Caviar. It is the biggest fresh water fish with a long-life span. The egg is called “Beluga” which is among the most luxurious food. The color ranges from light to dark gray. The lighter eggs are more expensive. The taste and odor are similar to that of the sea.


Farmed Baeri Caviar (from Acipenser Baeri Sturgeon):
This fish is not aboriginal of the Caspian Sea. It lives in cold fresh water of rivers and extensively resides in Ob & Lena River in Siberea. It is raised for its Caviar throughout the world. The color ranges from dark gray to black. The Caviar is available in the market under the name of “Baeri “which tastes fantastically desirable.


Farmed Osetra Caviar (from Acipenser Persicus or Acipenser GueldenStaedti Sturgeaon):

This Caviar is obtained from various types of Russian and Persian fish with the most variety in color and taste ranging from dark gray to brown with golden shadows.
Sturgeon fish is a species typical of the Caspian Sea which is a descendant of Russian fish. Sturgeon in Iranian-Turkish means “Black Nose” whose Caviar is named “Asetra”.
Owing to the fact that Sturgeon is farmed in specific locations, the produced Caviar is of high quality compared to Russian species. What makes Sturgeon different from Russian is darker color with white pigmentation stretched to the nose. The length of Sturgeon is between 1 to 2 meters and reaches its puberty when it is 12-14 years old.


Farmed Sevruga Caviar (from Acipenser Stellatus Sturgeon):
It is the smallest species among Caviar fish. Its long nose makes its appearance special. The produced Caviar is called “Sevruga”. The eggs are smaller compared to others but has desirable taste. The color ranges from light to dark gray.