Advantages of farmed caviar compared to marine

More amino acids

It has more and richer omega-3

Safe from seawater pollution

A stress-free environment for sturgeon

Different taste and much more delicious

Farmed Beluga Caviar (From Huso Huso Sturgeon)
Farmed Baeri Caviar (from Acipenser Baeri Sturgeon)
Farmed Caviar

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beluga caviar

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Persian Gesture Caviar

Caviar fish or Sturgeon are among rare species dating back to Jurassic age, about several hundreds of years ago. Hence, these species are considered living fossils having been developed through a phylogenetic process. Of all the most original homelands of this fish, one could mention the Caspian Sea, while they could be found sporadically in some areas in Europe and America. It is the egg of Sturgeon which makes it an invaluable high-price food.
This fish is categorized and subcategorized into 27 groups of which 5 species reside in the Caspian Sea. The sea encompasses 93 percent of Caviar fish in the world. Unauthorized and excessive haunt, as well as water pollution, has let inhibitory regulations asserted by CITES.




Specialized article on caviar production

Cortisol Extraction from Sturgeon Fin and Jawbone Matrices

Cortisol Extraction


Wholesale and retail for Caviar

Wholesale and retail for Caviar

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Fast & Secure Shipping

Your orders will arrive as soon as possible with special packaging for caviar (special ice and insulated bag). Orders in the closest region to us take up to a day and the farthest region, up to a week.

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Fresh Caviar

The basis of our work is based on the best quality and service for customers. Sending fresh caviar to customers as well as restaurants contracted with PersianGesture is a commitment we have with ourselves and customers.

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High quality caviar PersianGesture

Our caviar comes from sturgeon that have been raised in sturgeon breeding ponds with clear spring water under the supervision of experts. The quality of caviar is monitored at every stage of the caviar production process by our experienced caviar masters. The HACCP certificate guarantees the unbroken quality of the caviar produced by PersianGesture.

Reasonable price for the quality of caviar

We have brought higher quality to our dear customers in relation to the price. Due to the fact that we are the producer of export-quality caviar, the reasonable price with a special discount is one of the advantages of PersianGesture for our regular customers.

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