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Albino caviar is a rare and luxurious type of caviar that comes from albino sturgeon. Sturgeon are fish that are native to the Caspian Sea and Black Sea, and they are known for their large size and long lifespan. Albino sturgeon are even rarer than regular sturgeon, and they produce caviar that is pale in color, ranging from white to light gold.

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Caviar fish or Sturgeon are among rare species dating back to Jurassic age, about several hundreds of years ago. Hence, these species are considered living fossils having been developed through a phylogenetic process. Of all the most original homelands of this fish, one could mention the Caspian Sea, while they could be found sporadically in some areas in Europe and America. It is the egg of Sturgeon which makes it an invaluable high-price food.
This fish is categorized and subcategorized into 27 groups of which 5 species reside in the caspian sea. The sea encompasses 93 percent of Caviar fish in the world. Unauthorized and excessive haunt, as well as water pollution, has let inhibitory regulations asserted by CITES.


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Wholesale and retail for Caviar


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